Trademark Registration


A Canada trademark registration provides you with very significant advantages compared to an unregistered mark.  Getting a registration is worth considering before significant investments are made in advertising, signs, websites, labels or shipments of product.  A trademark registration will also provide you with additional grounds to stop an infringer and is often the key in winning a legal battle.
Once registered, a trademark registration is valid for fifteen (15) years from the date of registration. A trademark registration is then also renewable every fifteen (15) years afterwards, upon timely payment of a renewal fee.


Canadian Trade-mark Registrations

Sampling of Canadian Trademark Registrations


A Canadian trademark registration provides the following advantages:

  • Registration provides an exclusive right to the owner to use the trademark throughout Canada in respect of the goods and/or services for which registration issues. Registration reserves your right of such “exclusive use” all across Canada, including in places or provinces where the trade-mark has not been used.

  • A registered mark prevents the subsequent registration of similar marks by others, once your trade-mark is on public record. You may also get notice from the Trade-mark Office of similar trade-marks being applied for after your mark has registered.

  • The Registration Certificate is your proof of ownership of the mark and of the distinctiveness in your trade-mark.

  • In a law suit there will no longer be a need to establish good-will or reputation in a particular geographical region, as would be the case in a passing-off-action based on an unregistered trade-mark.


We can help you with a trademark application, with dealing with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and with registering a trademark in Canada. We have been helping people with trade-mark applications for over a decade. We have obtained hundreds of registrations for our various worldwide clients.

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